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Compressors and Rack Systems

used parallel rack system

Copeland Compressors and Racks

American Wholesale is your #1 source for used Copeland compressors, and we also carry a large selection of refrigeration rack systems for your supermarket. New or used, all sizes are available to meet your needs. Contact our sales office at (877) 220-8882 or (216) 426-8882 for more info or to place your order.

zero zone compressor rack

Late Model Zero Zone Rack Systems

We currently have two late model Zero Zone compressor racks in stock with the matching condensers. Beautiful condition.

remote condensers

Air Cooled Remote Condensers

We have several used condensers in excellent condition in stock for your rack or other application.

copeland compressors

Replacement Compressors

American Wholesale has a wide selection of used Copeland compressors in stock. Save thousands over a new replacement.