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New Turbo Air ADR060AE 6,000 BTU Unit Cooler

Price: $1,079.00

Unit Cooler Standard Features

•         Blue anti-corrosion-fin increases the life span of the coil.

•         Air-pass guard is located at the bottom of the coil to improve heat exchange rate.

•         Corrugated fin is used to increase heat exchange rate by expanding the surface area

•         Even in confined space, all parts can be reached easily by opening the front cover.

•         Location of power connector makes replacement of motor convenient.

•         1 year Fan Motor and Parts Warranty!

•         Seamless inner groove copper tube increases the heat exchange rate by reducing the space between the fin and the copper tube.

•         Venturi type distributor and precise orifice hole are used to minimize the pressure drop and maximize the freezing capacity respectively.

•         Even in confined space, all parts can be reached easily by opening the front cover.

•         The spiral fan guard enables cold air to be delivered efficiently and thoroughly.

•         The protruding fan and motor placement substantially reduce vibration and noise.

•         PSC fan motor, which prevents oil evaporation, is used for long life expectancy.

•         Unique air flow system (patent pending) results in improved circulation within crowded walk-in cooler/freezer.

•         Anti-oxidizing stainless steel mounting and bolts.

•         All replacement parts are universal!

•         UL, cUL, NSF


•         Number of Fans: 1

•         Net Weight: 23.5

•         Capacity: 6825Btu, 1995W

•         Suction: 7/8ID

•         External Equalizer: ¼OD

•         Fan Data: CFM 650

•         PSC Motor Data: 120V/1Ph/60Hz

•         1/15HP, 0.75Amps, 80Watts

•         Coil Inlet: 1/2OD

•         Drain: 3/4MPT